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Agua Linda Farms Wedding

I was a bit nervous when Brian and Ali contacted me about their wedding.  Brian is my cousin and working with family can be, well, hard.  My Uncle had given me a heads up that they wanted to interview me for the task and I was honored.  They came into town with their family and we popped over to the studio for a family portrait with Brian’s mom and dad and their tow toddler boys.  I had a paper backdrop setup and the boys ran in and dove on it the second they arrived in the studio.  That was a great ice breaker and after a good laugh and a few minutes setting back up, the next hour was spent getting a group of adults and two tired toddlers to cooperate for a portrait.  We all left a little tired and I am pretty sure they were worried I didn’t get the shots they had hoped for.  (It’s a common occurrence when kids are involved! I always have to reassure clients that I got it!!)  When I showed them their portraits they loved them and that is how I landed the interview for their wedding.  They contacted me shortly after the interview telling me they did want to hire me for their wedding! I was thrilled.  The ceremony and reception was held at the gorgeous Agua Linda Farm in Arizona with gorgeous mountains in the background.  It really was a wonderful time with extended family joining them from Rhode Island, New Mexico, Colorado, and Hawaii.  Despite the chaos that is raising two boys, they have a calming love and adoration for each other.  Each wedding is special, but there was something truly special about this one.  Happy One Year anniversary to you both! It’s been awesome to watch you grow your family by one little princess this past year.

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