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Winter Engagement Session | RI Wedding Photographer Desiree Dugan Photography

“This pond is frozen, right?” As I said it, I instantly regretted it.  It had been sub zero degrees for awhile now and the entire state of RI had been under a couple feet of snow for weeks.  Everywhere I looked was covered with snow.  I asked because the frozen dock and wintery backdrop was calling to me but safety first, always.  Being a RI Wedding photographer has it’s advantageous and disadvantageous.  The cold is not my favorite, but it does make for a beautiful backdrop.  So after Dave, Brittany, and his mom Darcy looked at me like I was a total tool for even asking, they said “yeah it’s been frozen for awhile.”  I walked out and set up my lights and went back and laid down on the frozen, snow packed pond taking test shots.  Once everything was setup, I got up and walked off the pond.  Just as I was about to step foot on what I knew was the grass…whoosh, my left leg plummeted through the snow and the ice into the very, very cold pond water!! Everyone looked at me and gasped.  I scrambled out and we were able to finish the session without me loosing my toes! Dave and Brittany were troopers through temps in the teens, a fire that just wouldn’t light and whipping winds.  It’s no surprise though, Dave owns Post Road CrossFit  in North Kingstown RI.  They are one tough couple and I am so looking forward to their wedding later this year.




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