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Ben & Kailey Married Newport Officers Club

“I vow to honor you, love you, and most important, I vow to watch and play hockey with you until death do us part.”  This quote could sum up Ben and Kailey’s Newport Officers Club wedding perfectly! They both L-O-V-E hockey.  So much so, they had a girl vs guy bridal party hockey match the night before for the rehearsal.  It didn’t stop there…

Dad pulled me aside during prep and told me that Rene Rancourt (for those who don’t know, he sings the anthem for the best team in the NHL…the BRUINS!) was going to be making a surprise guest appearance to sing the anthem before the bride and groom’s ceremonial puck drop before their first kiss.  (YES, that wasn’t a typo, they had a puck drop in their ceremony!!)

The surprises didn’t stop there.  While putting her dress on, Kailey told me that they would be announcing that she was pregnant at the reception.  I was thrilled for them and my mind immediately envisioned the tiny skates they would have the baby!

As if all of that wasn’t enough for one wedding at the Newport Officers Club, Dad again pulled me aside and told me that he had teamed up with a local guitarist/friend and wrote a beautiful song with him for Kailey that was going to be played at the reception as well.

Phew, so aside from all of the wonderful, heartfelt surprises, Ben and Kailey’s wedding was amazing and beautiful.  I love their friendly, loving banter.  There is not a doubt in my mind that they will be tearing it up on the ice together for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations to the both of you!!!

Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 1Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 2Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 3Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 4Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 5Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 6Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 7Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 8Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 9Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 10Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 11Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 12Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 13Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 14Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 15Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 16Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 17Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 18Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 19Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 20Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 21Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 22Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 23Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 24Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 25Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 26Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 27Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 28Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 29Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 30Newpor-RI-Officer-Club-Wedding-Desiree-Dugan-Photography 31Newport-Officers-Club-Wedding


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