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I couldn’t get my fingers to type in the information fast enough! I was so excited I had to type in my information three times after flubbing it up in my excitement. Only minutes before, my designer and friend Anna Mess Bartell of , had contacted me and told me she had finished redesigning my website. I burst into tears looking at the my new page. It was amazing seeing my vision that I had been dreaming about and designing for the past two years appear before my eyes. I know that sounds a little silly, but this has been a two year long struggle for me. I went to web designers about two years ago and received quotes from $1000-$5000. I was willing to pay but I hadn’t found the person I thought could really accomplish what I wanted. You see, my website is my storefront. I am a RI Portrait and RI Wedding Photographer, I only have seconds to make a really good first impression. The statement has to be clear and make a lasting impression. So after months of searching, I decided to take it on myself. I read everything I could on the platform I was going to use and spent countless hours on my website. Oh, and did I mention I was a new mom at the time? I spent many sleepless nights in front of my computer working tirelessly on my site and too many bleary eyed days entertaining my newborn. I got the site up but it wasn’t what I wasn’t really me. It didn’t get me excited. In fact, I would avoid it…no really, I’d avoid it. Not very good for business. Then my business took off and I was meeting clients, shooting, editing, and doing all of the things I needed to do to run my business. Oh, and I was a new mom again! Yup, had a newborn all over again, and a toddler! So the battle continued…

I was deflated and frustrated with my website. I was getting busier and busier with the everyday workings of running my custom portrait and wedding photography business. That resulted in less time to spend working on my website. Still not happy with what I was designing myself, I hired a professional, or so I thought. It ended badly and this person did not deliver on what was promised. It was a wakeup call to double check references and listen to my gut! It really put a bad taste in my mouth and I was determined to improve my site! So I did. It was better than it had been and it was up in time for a women’s expo I was showcasing my boudoir line in. It got great response and increased my bookings. I should have been happy, right? Still wasn’t satisfied. I felt like it didn’t embody what I was really doing with my business. So I did what I was good at doing at this point…I left it and forgot it. Continued with shooting and running my business.

Then I was talking to my two close friends and colleagues Anna and Nicole (see my headshot, my friend Nicole took that beautiful shot!) I was telling them my 2 yr plan and setting goals and I brought up my logo and my website. It just didn’t fit anymore. So the plan was devised. I am all about outsourcing this year! I am grateful that I am at a point where I can outsource the tasks I don’t enjoy and/or don’t have time to do anymore. Anna decided she was going to get into designing pro photo sites. So we brainstormed. I created my logo:
I was thrilled! The colors are me to a T! I wanted something that represents where I want to go within the next 2 yrs. I am so excited about the changes and excited that my logo represents that now! Once the logo was complete I sent the other requested items to Anna and she was off designing. It was such a relief to know that someone I trusted and who was very talented, was designing my site! It was truly like an elephant had jumped off my shoulders!
Within a few short weeks, Anna contacted me and told me it was finished. I could not believe what I saw when it loaded. I really did burst into tears. It was a flood of relief after struggling with this for going on three years now. I am proud to show off my site now! Take a look around, see for yourself. This is truly me! I couldn’t stop looking at it and contacting Anna. I am over the moon happy with the work she has done! It was like she was in my head, thinking just like me!!

If you are looking for a new look and someone who is going to take your vision and implement it…click on the photo below
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