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Boudoir Valentines Day Event

“I have never trully seen myself the way my husband does. I have been a tomboy my whole life, I didn’t think I was beautiful…until now.”-Ms J The comment gave me goosebumps! I was so excited to watch this transformation happen through my lens. I was asked two years ago to do some bridal boudoir portraits. I had never shot boudoir, but I loved the idea and we went for it. The bride to be was noticeably nervous and it took some tact to get her to relax in order to get some beautiful, genuine shots. After a little while, she was totally relaxed and by the end of the session she was surprised it was over. My first client was in awe of herself when I showed her the final images. She gave her husband the gift of an album on their wedding day. I recieved the coolest text from her on her wedding day telling me how much her husband loved the images. I was hooked! I decided to do a boudoir event in a Rhode Island last year. I was amazed at the reception and the end results. Not so much my work (I knew the shots would be great), but the transformation of each woman was something I was not anticipating. The girls came in all shapes and sizes and were doing the session for all different reasons, however, the end result was always the same. Tears of joy as they saw their beauty in their images. Each woman comes in for someone else, but leaves with a new respect and confidence for herself. It is really an amazing experience, not only for her, but for me too.
I am happy to announce another Boudoir Event on January 25 at a local swanky Rhode Island hotel. Come and enjoy professional hair and makeup, a cocktail while you are being pampered and a 45 minute session with me. The session fee is $200 with prints starting at $55 and collections starting at $495. Come and see what it is like to be BeYOUtiful!



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